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Alfred Lazarus

SEO Manager

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A Seasoned SEO Manager

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Hello, my name is Alfred Lazurus

I am a passionate and experienced SEO specialist. If you’re looking to drive more organic traffic to your website and soar high in search engine rankings, you’ve come to the right place. With my expert knowledge and personalized approach, I can help your business stand out from the crowd and attract the right audience.

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Keyword Research

I will identify the most relevant and high-traffic keywords that will lead potential customers straight to your virtual doorstep.


Website Optimization

I optimize websites for peak performance, ensuring lightning-fast loading times, mobile-friendly design, and strategic keyword integration.


SEO Training & Mentorship

From keyword research to on-page optimization and link building, my comprehensive SEO class equips you with skills to boost rankings and drive organic traffic.

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I have worked with lots of clients.

Alfred Lazarus has been a game-changer for our online business. His expertise has transformed our website's visibility and organic traffic. He provides personalized solutions that align perfectly with our business goals. Thanks to Alfred's dedication and in-depth knowledge, our online presence has soared, leading to a significant boost in conversions.

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Ezekiel Akan WordPress Dev.

Alfred Lazarus is a rare gem in the world of SEO specialists. His approach is not only data-driven but also deeply rooted in ethical practices. Unlike others, he doesn't promise overnight miracles but delivers sustainable and long-term results. His transparent communication and regular progress reports kept us informed every step of the way. Thanks to Alfred, our website's visibility has soared, and we now rank prominently for competitive keywords.

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Joseph Unomieta WordPress Dev.

Alfred Lazarus is a true SEO guru! His one-on-one mentorship has been invaluable in helping me grasp the complexities of search engine optimization. His patient and tailored approach to training has empowered me with the skills to optimize my website and achieve higher rankings.

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Inemesit Ekong WordPress Dev.

Alfred Lazarus is a true SEO wizard! His knowledge and expertise have helped us turn our struggling website into a thriving online platform. From optimizing our content to building high-quality backlinks, his strategies have resulted in significant improvements in search rankings.

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Emeka Nzubechi Engineer

I write more about marketing, startup, leadership and growth.

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